by Serge Steyer
2022 – 52 minutes – France

For nine months in Rennes, fifteen volunteers meet regularly to prepare to replay an anthology match in July 1982: France-FRG in the semifinals of the FIFA World Cup in Seville. Referee errors, brutality of the German players, lack of success, the match ends in the elimination of France on penalties after leading 3-1 in extra time. This match, through its exceptional dramaturgy and its tragic dimension, has gone down in history.

Among these Rennes inhabitants, as many women as men, from 25 to 65 years old, some are fans of football and have practiced this sport, others are rather hostile while not knowing much about it. For all, this is a unique opportunity to slip into the skin of a champion, or at least to give the illusion, through the magic of representation. But replaying this two-hour match requires preparing yourself, both physically and mentally, to form a troop, to acquire a team spirit, to get into the shoes of the player you play and above all to learn your match. by heart. This is where the film draws its dramatic springs, through meetings and working sessions with the designer of the project, training and learning the match choreography using the archive of the 'era and rehearsals.

Nine months later, on May 17, 2020, the work having paid off, Hervé became Platini when he entered the lawn of the Stade Rennais. Adrien is Giresse, Magali is Battiston, etc. Together, and with the help of three thousand spectators, they will interpret the show conceived by the Swiss director Massimo Furlan. From the 1982 match, only the French and their supporters remain, their ears riveted to radio stations. No ball, no opponent, no referee, but imaginations brought to life by this co-memory.

A Les Films de la pluie, Ana Films coproduction
Presales France Télévisions (L'Heure D & France 3 Bretagne), Les Chaines locales de Bretagne (Tébéo, Tébésud & TVR)
With the participation of le CNC, with the support of la Région Grand Est and Strasbourg Eurométropole in partnership with le CNC, of la Région Bretagne, of la PROCIREP – Société des producteurs, and l'ANGOA

Direction : Serge Steyer
Image : Serge Steyer, Guillaume Kozakiewiez, Hervé-Jacques Passard, Fabrice Richard
Sound : Pierre-Albert Vivet, Mathieu Lefort, Patrick Rocher
Shooting & postproduction assistant : Kilian Jarno
Editing : Cédric Jouan
Color grading : Gautier Gumpper
Sound editing & Sound mix : Lionel Thiriet
Original music : Catherine Fender

photo copyright ©Marie Chardonnet