by Fannie Plessis
Expected 2024 – 52 minutes – France

My grandmother Jacqueline grew up in Indochina, just like her mother. She was 17 when her family moved to Brittany in 1946.
She experiences this return as a heartbreak from which she will never really recover. At the twilight of her life, Jacqueline is weakened, but from the top of her 18th floor in Chinatown in Paris where she has been living in bed for years, she continues to reign over the family by imposing her story on it. For several years I have been joining her in her fortress to question this story set up in legend which takes up all the space, supplants all the pain.
Faced with this atypical grandmother, raised between Breton and colonial traditions, I explore this myth of lost paradise to deconstruct it and reclaim my story.