by Stéphane Manchematin & Serge Steyer
Expected 2023 – 90 & 52 minutes – France

Suzanne lives alone on a secluded farm in the Hautes-Vosges, devoid of "modern comfort" and in which she was born in 1930.
Day after day, she enjoys a simple and serene existence. Over time, in the fulfillment of a ritualized life, she tells and tells herself, demonstrating that a happy life is due to little.
At a few kilometres to the village, young people settle down with the hope of a simple and frugal life. Could Suzanne's lifestyle be a school?

A Les Films de la pluie, Ana Films, Vosges Télévision coproduction
Presales France Télévisions (L'Heure D & France 3 Grand Est)
With the participation of le CNC, with the support of la Région Bretagne, of la Région Grand Est and le Conseil départemental des Vosges in partnership with le CNC, of la PROCIREP – Société des producteurs, and l'ANGOA