by Galane Alanou & Tanguy Alanou
Expected 2024 – 52 minutes – France

Fille’minismes is a double quest, understanding feminism through the eyes of a teenager on the one hand and making a father/daughter film on the other. Initially, it is a young girl who questions her femininity and current social issues. She then summons the profession of her director father to deal with the subject, and then begins a mutual journey between them both in the reflections occasioned by the interviews they organize and in the construction of the film itself. This follows the duo going from one salon to another to meet women who can help them understand what Galane feels: injustice and incomprehension. Over the sequences, Galane grows up and the questions of the daughter will be added to those of the father, noting that it is high time for him too to question himself.

A Les Films de la pluie production