by Damien Monnier
Expected 2018 – 52 minutes – France

Autumn 1958. North-East of Morbihan in La Chapelle-Caro, a locality called La Grand'ville. Forty people in their Sunday best facing the local photographer's lens. Some peasants. Posing for a family picture: the golden wedding of the oldest people. Today some of the youngest ones on this picture have become peasants themselves. I go to meet them and am interested in the techniques they use to tell the changes of this world and its practices.
The changeover from mechanics to electronics in the agricultural activity meets the evolutions of the photographic one. Both make images with their share of visible and invisible, imagination and fantasy, what is shown and hidden. From this picture, Front-back questions the peasant condition, its representation and memory.

A Les Films de la pluie, L'image d'après, Les Chaînes locales de Bretagne (Tébéo, Tébésud & TV Rennes 35) coproduction
With the participation of le CNC, with the support of la Région Bretagne in partnership with le CNC, Ciclic-Région Centre-Val de Loire, la PROCIREP - Société des Producteurs, l'ANGOA, Brouillon d'un rêve (SCAM and La Culture avec la Copie Privée) & la SACEM